I have ordered bed room furniture set for my son as his birth day gift;The full payment for all the furniture’s was made on 9th May, 2013.The furniture finally assembled on 22nd August 2013.That is the furniture was assembled after a gap of 103 days ( after 3 ½ months)

Thanks to one of the greatest and reputed furniture shop in Canada Leon’s;This is the first time in 12 years of my Canadian life, I regretted why chose to come Canada; Leons forced me, to regret the great country Canada itself.

When I booked the furniture, Leoan’s Sales guy pleased me through is usual tactical manner like another sales man.

• In the first delivery, bed foot board, storage case and lamp table was found to be broken;

When I went to Leons 11th street SE Calgary shop, I was promised that they will give me a $200.00 discount for the delay in the delivery and the damage caused, and promised in another 2 weeks the furniture’s will be delivered.

And a note was entered to their system, stating before delivery the storage board shall be inspected.

• In the second delivery again the foot board was found to broken, then Leons Promised me they will give another $200.00, this time as coupon.

When I insisted I can’t wait anymore, and would like to return the furniture; manager No.1 agreed that she will give overall discount of 30% for the damage caused and told me to wait for another few weeks;

Days gone by, third time the storage case reached my house on 22nd August 2013 ; before it was delivered to my house I told the guys to open and inspect in the truck;

Leons again proved that it is a third class company, the storage case was found to be broken again;

Without delivering to my door, third time the broken storage case taken back, remember another broken storage case was lying in my room;

The issue here is, it was clearly printed in their system that before delivery make sure that the storage case inspected thoroughly, in spite of that note two times a broken storage case has reached my house.

As I am not sure how long 4th delivery will take, expecting broken storage case again, Finally I decide not to take the storage case, without storage case the bed can be fixed, this decision I should have taken in the beginning;

In between, I have chance to meet the "Super manager no.0"It appears manager no.: 1 report to "Super manager no.0"

Mean time manager number no. 1 who promised to give me 30% discount gone on vacation;

In between, the same furniture was on sale for a discounted price by same Leons, when I brought that to the notice of one of the sales guy, he recorded in their system and told me that Manager No.: 1 is on vacation and she will come and decide everything;

In the 103 days of my ordeal;

The following things were promised to me:

1. $200.00 discount2. $200.00 worth coupon3. And a 30% overall discount overruling the above 2 discounts4. A price match, because the same furniture is on discounted sale

Item 1 and 2 are no more valid because 30% discount overrules item 1 and 2.

With 30%, I am eligible for a price match discount.

After the furniture’s were assembled, I met the Super manager no.:0,

Three times I spoke to the super manager no.: 0, all the three times, after few seconds of discussion with me, without fail she used make the statement that "she is busy, she don’t have much time to talk to me"

In fact I never intended to talk to her, she voluntarily came to me and stared to make this statement, she is busy and don’t have time to talk with me.

I don’t know what she thought in her mind about her position, but one thing sure she has forgotten that she is a manager in a furniture shop. She sounded like a prime minister or president of a country and her voice seem to be arrogant.

As a manager, she fails to understand the fact for 103 days, after paying the full amount I am running between my office and Leons store.

The joke is she don’t have time but I have time!

A manager should not loose temper, I paid the money and struggling for 100 days, and she doesn’t have knowledge or patience to understand my position;

She sounded like a prime minister or president of a country. I am surprised how Leons promoted such short tempered personals to the manager position;

Finally the Manager number no.: 1 decision of 30% discount was overruled by the Super Manager no.0 siting the reason that I have returned the storage box;

They themselves not sure how many more weeks it will take to deliver after as 4th attempt.

They don’t have knowledge to understand the fact that the box came third time broken after three months of my payment. Even if I would have waited for another 2 or 3 weeks, they will not give guarantee that the box will reach without broken condition, two times a note was put on their system to inspect and deliver the goods, in spite of the note the storage box came two times in broken condition.

The joke was at one point, the super manager no.0 asked me, when there is a note to inspect before delivery how come a broken storage box delivered to my home;

I am still wondering why she asked the question to me. Probably she thought that I am working in Leons? Or she forgot herself that it is her responsibility to find out why such things repeating in Leons? It shows that show don’t have any knowledge what is happening in Leons, otherwise she should not have asked such silly question to me.

With my ordeal with Leons, it appears to me Manager no.1 will promise the lucrative discount to the customer to keep things and wait for replacement, and once the furniture’s are assembled, manager no.0 will overrule the discount citing various reasons.

That’s what happened to me, I was just given $200.00 discount but they promised 30% discount which is around $433.00

They don’t have common sense to understand the fact that, if I am not eligible for 30% discount, I am at least eligible for the following item which was promised before promising 30% discount.

1. $200.00 cash discount (Paid to me).2. $200.00 worth Leons coupon (Pending )3. A price match, because the same furniture is on discounted sale (Pending )

They justified $200.00 cash refund, because the 30% payment was for full set of furniture, and since I have returned storage box, I am not eligible for 30% discount;

In that case where is the $200.00 leons coupen and item 3 the price match, as on today no news or call from Leons?

I don’t want meet the arrogant managers again, they don’t even know how to talk to customer who is waited for 100 days to get his furniture, with my frequent visit to Leons, I felt the managers were very rude to me, they think themselves as prime ministers or presidents a country and they don’t have time to spare with the customer who paid the full money and running behind them for more than 100 days.


As I wrote in the beginning this is the first time in my 12 years that I regretted why chose to be in Canada; Leons gave me very sour and regretful experience in Canada.

For 100 days I have gone through lot of pain to deal with Leons, managers should attract more customers with their pleasant speech, so that Leons can make more revenue, but my experience with Leons in 100 days has proved that they are very arrogant, rude and they don’t have time to spend with the customer, or don’t have time to understand the customer grievances.

"Once you paid the money you are gone""They can make many promises; once you assembled the furniture you are gone"


Due to the stress I had while dealing with Leons, Even I lost few kilograms of my wait.It was a mental torture, painful period for me The 100 days that I was running behind Leons was very stressful time for me, it pained me too much.

As a friend this is my responsibility to advise you all, you should not end up in having the same trauma and pain that I had gone through with Leons.

It is not only the delay in delivery, the people in Leons don’t have time to understand your problem, don’t have patience to understand your real grievances.

Please pass on my ordeal / mental torture that I gone through in dealing with Leons to your friends as many as you could.

You have to think twice before you enter Leons for any furniture.

I am sure I will not enter Leons again in my life.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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